Its a choice: Discipline or Death

Its a choice: Discipline or Death

These past few years, a lot of my time has gone towards building a business, so much so, that I lost sight of the habits it takes to really succeed.

No matter how you measure success, discipline is a mindset that becomes habits which take in our whole life including family, business, leisure and EVERYTHING else. Success is not about doing one thing well and forgetting everything else. Good habits need discipline initially but when established are pretty easy to maintain

The alternative to having good habits and exercising discipline in our lives is death; in one part of life or another. I know, it was happening to me.

I thought I was disciplined. My business was going from strength to strength as I hit every 90 day goal, but one key area that I lost focus on was my personal health. This was pulling me down and had to change!!

I had found that I had developed a pattern in my life saying… “I use to be …. or I use to do ….”. This mindset reflects a defeatist attitude. Instead, I needed to transform my mindset and be disciplined to say “I must do and I can do”!!!

You see I had been a very fit sports person playing; 1st grade soccer and training for the Foster Triathlon, but a serious back injury changed it all. 50 kg’s heavier, I lost discipline not just in my health but in my life. The success I was having, or at least thought I was having in business was a mask to hide behind instead of what truly made me tick. I needed a shake up.

So why change now?

At a Business Blueprint conference, Matt Church, author and speaker on Thought Leadership said this…  “health is the most important discipline in life, once that is in place all else follows, and all else masks the real self that you could be”

This comment percolated in my head for 9 months, during which time I reflected on my pending heart surgery and frustrations of not doing what I loved to do, which was being in the outdoors.

Then came the trigger that set my transformation in motion. A video I watched in March this year (2015) of a group of cyclists who were fundraising for a children’s charity by doing a 500km bike ride through Thailand. 100km per day for 5 days. My mind said, I use to be a triathlete, I use to do that every week. At that point it all come together. It was a choice, Discipline or Death.

So, instead of donating money next year, I’ve signed up for the ride. 100km per day for 5 days in 30-40 deg heat. Some say I’m mad, and instead of listening to that, I made the choice to listen to those who are encouraging me to succeed.

Well, I’m 12 weeks into in, lost 16+kgs and feeling awesome for the first time in over a decade. So if you’re still reading this long ramble on my journey back to health then here is what I have discovered, through personal trial, heartache (literally) and tears.  The keys to real discipline and success in life, business and everything else are these….

1. Discipline is a whole of life mindset. If you find yourself falling short in one area of life then you need to ask yourself the same TWO questions I did to make the change.

a.What will it take to change?

b. How can I change to make it happen?

These two questions can not be separated otherwise you run the risk of not tackling the mindset holistically which then creates a lasting habit (Click here to view blog on discipline vs habits) . By identifying the problem of what needs to change, then how you can change yourself you empower the mind to make the shift by creating a vision or process in your mind of how it will happen.

2. “No idea is so outlandish that it should not be considered with a searching but at the same time a steady eye” This Winston Churchill quote is spot on. Therefore surround yourself with people who will support you even when your ideas sound mad. They will be the ones who will give you the support in making disciplined decision.

Being accountable for any change you make will aid your discipline. Not everyone will be blasen and post their journey for all to see and comment on social media. Instead you could find a small group of friends or a mentors that will encourage you while also maybe asking the harder questions to help you succeed but at the same time have your best interests at heart.

3. Stop looking in the past for your excuses. Instead look towards the endless possibilities that discipline could bring.

Living on past successes can be a huge barrier to current and future discipline. Similarly, past issues and challenges can affect your mindset and hold you back. You need to identify and face whatever the core issue/s are that’ holding you back and then let the possibilities will unfold. For me it was living on past sporting success that prevented me facing the weight and general health issues. I had the mindset i would never be as good as I use to be so why try. Mistake bigtime!!!

So then, what areas of your life is starved for discipline?  Is it work, health, family, leisure time or something else? Is this going to be a trigger for you stop listening to the negatives of that surround you and time to truly transform your mind and become disciplined?

We’d love to hear about them so please make some comments so others can encourage you to transform your mindset into a well disciplined life!




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  1. Noice choice Kel. Past glories, I can relate to that. If you need a ride partner for this journey my hand is raised. I could do with some discipline myself.

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