Our Passion

The Transformational Group is not your average consultant service.  Our passion is working with organisations to bring health and intentionality. Our work includes larger corporate and government organizations. Because of our backgrounds and life experiences we love to work with not-for-profit organisations that are committed towards building community capacity and peoples lives for the better.

Our Focus

Is on organisational health. We believe that there are four aspects that make up healthy organisations:

  1. Healthy and united leadership team
  2. Clarity around the big picture – Vision, values and strategies
  3. Developing and empowering people
  4. Aligning systems and people

Our Approach

Is characterised by a “whatever it takes attitude” to ethically, ecologiocally and economically get you the result you are looking for. One of our core promises is “we will stay until you are happy”. This approach is made up of 3 main beliefs:

  1. COMMITTED HEARTS – Committed to do the very best they can for their organisations. We love people who are passionate to a cause bigger than themselves.
  2. WISE HEAD – Wise and resourcefulness often just needs space and the right tools to work out the solutions they require through appropriate coaching and facilitation.
  3. FULL HANDS – Sometimes all thats needed is to come alongside people to add value by giving them extra hands so they can concentrate on what they need too while we help them get other things done.